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I have taken many pictures & now I'm trying to download them from my SD card to print them & it says do you want to format the card.
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Horizontal Panorama in vertical orientation
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Is this camera capable to take pictures while recording?
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good day how can i take best quality and high resolution pictures under water using nikon camera.
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Does the Coolpix L830 take photos rapidly and at a fast pace?
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Does the Coolpix L830 take photos rapidly and at a fast pace?
Any benefit to buying a UHS memory card for higher write speed, or is class 10 OK?
My camera stop taking pictures, can you help me with this?
Great camera! Is there any underwater case suitable for it?
In higher contast pictures, light and dark areas, this camera cannot adjust. It either overexposes or under exposes. Any suggestions?
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COOLPIX S800c White

Nikon Android S800c is a Wi-Fi digital camera that lets you share photos and enjoy all of the image power of a Nikon.
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