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Can i charge the battery of this camera by simply using the USB cable (and not the battery charger included into the camera set)? Thanks.
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can I transfer photos from P600 to external hard drive
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What does NTSC stand for on video mode?
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how does the 3-D mode work?
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How do I know if my Nikon s8000 is actually charging? And when it is fully charged?
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What does NTSC stand for on video mode?
How to transfer videos.
What is the warranty for the Coolpix P600 and what is the warranty for a refurbished one?
Does this camera have an image stabilizer?
Shutter Speed
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COOLPIX S6500 Silver

The COOLPIX S6500 features a 12x zoom, HD video, built-in Wi-Fi, and 16MP, all in an utra-slim form.
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