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What kind of memory card is recommended for this product? What is the highest GB I could use
Recent Question:
Anyone having problem withg the settings menu displaying only the firmware version and nothing else?
Recent Question:
Is there a way to eliminate (or at least lessen) wind noise while recording video?
Recent Question:
Why will my battery not charge?
Recent Question:
Does this camera have an voice memo fuction????
Questions with Most Recent Answers
Does the co-ordinates Latitude and Longitude stamp on the image ie. they are printed on an image when printing?
I would like to know the minimum aperture (highest "f" value) available through fully manual operation.
How can I download the pix from the disk to my computer.
Same battery as AW110?
What scene mode do you use for basic pictures, indoors and outdoors?
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COOLPIX L28 Silver

The COOLPIX L28 features a 5x zoom, 20 megapixel resolution, and 720p HD video; and is powered by AA batteries.
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