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The LCD screen is displaying "OK Start" when in shutter-priority mode. In Scene mode, it displays "OK 800 mm." This is new. What does this mean?
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Your website link to a reference manual for the Coolpix P900 does not work. Is there a manual?
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Washed out photos in bright light and zoom
Recent Question:
no battery life
Recent Question:
Battery swelling.
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does the aw130 give you the option of degrees or cardinal (N,S,E,W) units for the compass bearing?
How do I access the rule of thirds using this camera?
Can the view finder not use digital displays?
Is there a compatible microphone attachment for the Coolpix A
Where is this product made?
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The Nikon COOLPIX S31 is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof; fun for the whole family to use.
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