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DK-20C -2.0 Correction Eyepiece

An easy-to-use viewing and focusing aid which allows near and farsighted photographers to view the finder image accurately without wearing eyeglasses.
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Questions & Answers for Nikon Inc. DK-20C -2.0 Correction Eyepiece


Does the rubber eyecup fit over the Correction Eyepiece or does it require an adapter?

I purchased a -2.0 and a -3.0 Correction Eyepiece for my D80. The Correction lens fits on great, but the rubber eyecup that the camera came with doesn't seem to slip back on over it. Do I need an adapter?
asked 11 months ago
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11 months ago
on DK-20C -2.0 Correction Eyepiece
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The rubber eyecup cannot be placed over the DK-20C -2.0 and no adapter is required. The DK-20C -2.0 replaces the rubber eye cup.
answered 10 months ago
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10 months ago
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